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On February 22, 2024, TNMU held a festive ceremony dedicated to the graduation of prospective doctors from the International Students Faculty.

Dean of the Faculty, Professor Maria Marushchak, congratulated the graduates on such an important event in their lives, noting: “When starting your career, be brave, have high expectations and set high goals! Make a difference in the communities you serve, not only as an outstanding physician, but as an advocate for those in need but without a voice. Remember Ternopil National Medical University as your second home, and we will proudly watch your every accomplishment!”

Special certificates were awarded to the best graduates who during their student years studied diligently, were active, participated in various university events, and engaged in volunteer activities. Mehra Simran, Sefa Anita Mirekuaa and Shilpi received the award in the nomination “Best in Education”; Panesar Gurnish Pal received certificate in the nomination “For active volunteer work”.

As a sign of respect and appreciation for the years of study at TNMU, John Isaac Cornelius, a TNMU graduate, performed a song for all the teachers and administration of the university, and also prepared a special surprise for fellow students from India in the form of the song ‘Kabhi Alvida NaKehna’, which means “do not ever say goodbye”.

Zafrulla Khan Muheeb delivered an extremely warm and kind speech on behalf of the graduates, thanking all the teachers who actively participated in developing their abilities as real professionals ready for various challenges, and also appealed to his recent classmates to boldly step on their professional path. In conclusion, Muhib said that their hearts remain with Ukraine.

All graduates took the doctor’s oath, which was read by Shilpi Sh.

The graduates are deeply grateful for the organization of this ceremony to Associate Professor Olena Pokryshko, who is responsible for educational work with international students of the Centre for Educational and Cultural Development.

The Rector’s Office, entire teaching staff and the Dean’s office of the International Students’ Faculty sincerely congratulate the graduates on this accomplishment!