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On February 6th, members of Student’s Scientific Society of TNMU provided a thought-provoking Scientific debate on the highly contentious topic of “Physician-Assisted Suicide: FOR & AGAINST”. Both teams exhibited exemplary levels of preparation and argumentation, captivating the audience with their insightful perspectives and rigorous analysis.

During the debate, both teams presented compelling arguments in favor and against Physician-Assisted Suicide. Following these presentations, they engaged in a dynamic period of questioning and counter argumentation, where each team had the opportunity to challenge the assertions made by their opponents. This lively exchange allowed for a deeper exploration of the issues at hand and showcased the participants’ critical thinking and persuasive abilities.

A distinguished panel of judges, including Prof. Maria Marushchak, Assoc. Prof. Tetiana Tolokova, and Assoc. Prof. Liudmyla Mazur, experts in their respective fields, meticulously evaluated the arguments presented by both teams. After careful consideration, they announced that the team arguing in favor of Physician-Assisted Suicide emerged victorious, albeit with a narrow margin of only 2 points. Despite the close outcome, each team exhibited remarkable professionalism and determination, showcasing their ability to navigate complex ethical issues with precision and eloquence. This tight competition underscores the depth of engagement and the high level of skill displayed by all participants, making it a truly memorable and impactful event for our university community.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Haggag Shady, President of the Egyptian Students Association, and Podilska Tetiana, Head of the Student’s Scientific Society, for their exceptional efforts in organizing and hosting this enlightening debate on Physician-Assisted Suicide. Their dedication, meticulous planning, and leadership were instrumental in ensuring the success of this event, providing a platform for meaningful dialogue and intellectual exchange.

Congratulations to all participants for their dedication and passion for advancing knowledge and understanding on challenging ethical issues. Stay tuned for more enriching events and discussions at Ternopil National Medical University!