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Ivan Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University (TNMU) is among the leaders of higher medical education in Ukraine.

TNMU is constantly ranked high in different rankings among peer institutions. In 2023, TNMU took first place among medical Universities of Ukraine according to Webometrics (Ranking Web of Universities – Additionally, first place was taken among Ukrainian medical and pharmaceutical Universities in the academic ranking of higher education institutions of Ukraine “Top-200 Ukraine 2023” according to the version of the Center for International Projects “EuroOsvita” ( in partnership with the international group of experts IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence ( In this year's version of the SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR) 2023 world ranking of academic and research institutions, TNMU took first place among all higher education institutions of Ukraine.

Moreover, according to the World Rating of the Best University Chancellors 2023 (World Rating of the Best Chancellors and Universities, 2023), where 1,000 worldwide universities were presented, only 24 Rectors of Ukrainian higher education institutions were included, among which the Rector of TNMU, Professor Mykhaylo Korda, took the first place among Rectors of Ukrainian medical Universities.


 TNMU initiated and became one of the founders of the International Scientific and Educational Innovation and Technology Consortium of Medical, Physical Education and Sports Universities. The University is one of the centers of medical science in western Ukraine, carrying out research on the crucial issues in environmental, biological and medical fields. TNMU researchers have access to 5 certified research laboratories and an animal facility. TNMU is the winner of international competitions, grants and programs (Erasmus+, BACE, SAFEMED+, DAAD, RECOP and others).

Currently, approximately 1,000 international students from different countries are studying at the University in such educational programs as “Medicine”, “Dentistry”, “Pharmacy”, “Nursing”, and “Public Health”. All educational programs at TNMU are accredited by the National Agency for Quality Assurance of Higher Education of Ukraine.

The theoretical bases of TNMU are located in 15 buildings, where students acquire basic knowledge in the field of health care. All departments are fully equipped. Computer classrooms are functioning, all departments are connected to the internet, equipped with the necessary kits for mastering practical skills. About 85% of the teaching staff of TNMU have certificates of English proficiency. Of all the disciplines studied by international students have methodological support in English, such as materials to prepare for practical classes, presentations, lectures, teaching materials for students, algorithms of practical skills. All of these materials are available for students 24/7 via the Internet. In addition to the departments educational depositories of lectures and clinical cases, ELSEVIER HEALTH, AMBOSS, EBSCO, Lecturio educational platforms are also used to support the educational process. Virtual educational programs are widely used, in particular, the program for studying emergency conditions “Body Interact – clinical reasoning education” for studying clinical situations in emergency conditions in internal medicine and neurology.

TNMU clinical departments are located in 18 affiliated regional and municipal medical institutions.

The University is constantly improving its educational opportunities. In 2023, the simulation training center of TNMU, in which students master practical skills with the help of simulation technologies, received a certificate of accreditation by the European Council for Simulation Training (SESAM) ( This is the only center in Ukraine that has this European-level recognition.