TNMU Ranked First among Medical Universities of Ukraine in the SCImago Institutions Rankings

In the new edition of the world ranking of academic and research institutions SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR) in 2024, Ternopil National Medical University took first place among medical universities of Ukraine and fourth place among higher education institutions of our country ( /rankings.php?sector=Higher%20educ.&country=UKR&fbclid=IwAR18zyGOeeTkLWmKX0AYxGD1kH5UA8hjwY1wBh8cj5Wrr5MbgMcqxX_wgtI).

The SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR) is a global ranking of scientific institutions published since 2009 by the SCImago research group, which includes a number of universities and research institutions in Spain.

SCImago (SIR) is a scientometric rating based on three different sets of indicators. They are based on the results of research, innovation and social impact, which is measured by the activity of universities in social networks.

Components of evaluation of research activities:

Normalized Impact – the indicator shows the organization’s citation relative to the global average value. Excellence with Leadership – the share of publications in which the author of the university is the first author in the list of authors. Output – the number of publications indexed in Scopus. Scientific Leadership – the number of publications in which the corresponding author belongs to the university. Not Own Journals – the number of publications by university scientists not in their own journals. Own Journals – the number of journals published by the institution (publishing services). Excellence – the indicator determines the share of the organization’s publications that are in the top 10% of the most cited publications in the relevant subject areas. High Quality Publications – the share of journals published in the first quartile (top 25%) in the relevant subject areas. International Collaboration – share of publications co-authored with foreign organizations. Open Access is the percentage of documents published in open access journals or indexed in the Unpaywall database. Scientific Talent Pool – the total number of different authors from an institution in the total volume of publications of this institution during a certain period of time.

Components of evaluation of innovative measures:

Innovative Knowledge – the number of scientific publications from the institution cited in patents. Technological Impact is the percentage of scientific publications cited in patents. Patents – the number of patent applications.

Components of public impact assessment:

Mentions on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news and comments (Reddit, Slideshare, Vimeo or YouTube) are taken into account; Mendeley – number of documents with more than one reader in Mendeley (

Inbound Links – the number of networks (subnets) from which incoming links to the institution’s website come.

Web size is the number of pages linked to an institution’s URL according to Google (

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