The Research Office is ruled by I.M. Klishch, the Vice-Rector for Research of the university.

Academic training of research and academic staff is the most important area of focus of the university Research Office. Also, the responsibilities of the department are: planning and monitoring of implementation of research; informational and methodical support of PhD theses performed by PhD students; coordination of the university research laboratories; arrangement of scientific publications; support and assistance for inventions and innovations by the university staff; expansion of international cooperation in relevant scientific fields; introduction of research results into medical practice.

In 2003-2013, the Department for Organization of Scientific Forums was a separate unit of the university; at that time it was headed by: Professor S.I. Klymniuk, Associate Professor V.V. Franchuk, Professor A.A. Hudyma, Associate Professor V.D. Voloshyn. Today it is coordinated by N.T. Petryshyn, a senior specialist in organization of forums.

The Research Office cooperates with the Young Scientists Council and the Students Research Community in order to facilitate and develop creativeness of the university teaching staff as well as to search for promising staff and high-potential scientists.

Vita sine litteris mors est

Life without learning is death

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