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Statistics for Decision Making

Department of Public Health and Healthcare Management

Responsible for introduction: Panchyshyn N.

The world today is overflowing with data to the point where anyone can be overwhelmed. The good news is that while a great deal of misleading and incorrect information is lying out there waiting for you, a lot of great stuff is also being produced; for example, many studies and techniques involving data are helping improve the quality of our lives. Your job is to be able to sort out the good from the bad and be confident in your ability to do that. Through a strong understanding of statistics and statistical procedures, you gain power and confidence with numbers in your everyday life, in your job, and in the classroom.

Individuals will, at some time in their professional lives, be faced with quantitative results (their own or those of others) which will need to be critically evaluated and interpreted, and some, of course, will have to pass that dreaded statistics exam! A proper understanding of statistical concepts and methodology is invaluable for these needs.