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Нові листи підтримки від партнерів ТНМУ

Дякуємо нашим партнерам за підтримку і допомогу. Ми щиро цінуємо те, що у ці важкі для України час ви з нами.

Реджайнський Університет (Канада)

On behalf of our University, I wish to share my best wishes with everyone at Ternopil National Medical University. You, and indeed all of Ukraine, are enduring tragic circumstances with great courage, and we pray for your safety as well as a rapid and positive resolution to this unnecessary and devastating conflict.

I wish to share with you (copied below) a message I sent to the University of Regina community last week encouraging people to support Ukraine in whatever way they can.

I hope this message give you an idea of our sympathy and support, and most importantly, even a small bit of hope in what I know are dark and challenging times.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Jeff Keshen

President and Vice-Chancellor University of Regina


University support for the people of Ukraine

Dear members of the University community,

These are indeed trying times for humanity.

As we continue to navigate the latest stages of the global pandemic and determine what it means to live in the context of COVID-19, we find ourselves subject to a constant stream of other negative news, including: the escalating costs of food, housing, and transportation; what many perceive as the increasing polarization of our society; and now, war in Eastern Europe.

The casualties of the Russian invasion of Ukraine that began Thursday – the largest military incursion in Europe since the Second World War – are already mounting. Hundreds of military personnel and innocent civilians have been reported killed or injured. Families are being separated, with thousands of people forced from their homes in search of safety in other parts of the country and beyond. People are sleeping in subway stations to escape shelling, and thousands, if not millions, of civilians are risking their lives to try to repel the invading Russian military.

A modern democracy is under attack before our eyes, and with it, the lives of millions both within Ukraine and beyond are being shattered.

Here in Saskatchewan, our community and our campus have close ties to the people of Ukraine through our provincial Ukrainian communities, Ukrainian students studying either here or in their home country, and numerous partnerships and exchange opportunities that have been developed through the years. Our hearts ache for our Ukrainian friends and family.

In times like this, it is natural to feel powerless… even hopeless. But in such dark times, like many around the world – including countless citizens in Russia who are risking their own safety by protesting this war – we can find hope by demonstrating compassion and doing what we can to help address the plight of others. In short, we can find hope by affirming a sense of humanity that sometimes seems lost from our world.

One way we can take meaningful action to help ease the suffering of the Ukrainian people is by contributing to organizations devoted to helping those affected by this crisis. There are many ways to do so.

The Canadian Red Cross, for example, has set up a dedicated fund for donations in support of the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis. The Government of Saskatchewan is encouraging people to join it in donating to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation, a registered charity created by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress to deliver aid to the people of Ukraine. And there are many other organizations that are providing diverse supports to Ukraine.

Every member of the University’s Executive Team – including me – has committed to personally make a donation to help the people of Ukraine, and we encourage other members of our University community to consider doing the same as you are able.

Perhaps we won’t feel quite as powerless if we provide what support and hope we can when others need it most.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Jeff Keshen

President and Vice-Chancellor University of Regina

Науковий журнал (Грузія)

Dear friends and colleagues.

We were shocked and disgusted by the aggression of the Russian occupational forces against Ukraine!

These are some of the most atrocious actions in the latest history, akin those committed by Russian state against Georgia, not so long ago.

We feel your pain and hardship, as if it were our own. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

At the same time, we admire Ukrainian People’s patriotism and bravery. We stand in awe of your strong commitment to your land and your freedom!

We are doing everything in our power to publicize our strong standing in support of Ukraine and her people.

We wish you to stay strong and vigilant, and to rid of the occupants at the soonest!

Best Regards,

Nikolai Pirtskhalaishvili

Editor-in-Chief, Georgian Medical News

Університет безпеки в Познані (Польща)

Dear Partner,

we are following the situation in Ukraine with concern, but we believe in your victory in this difficult war that Russia has started. We, as the academic community and as Poles, express our solidarity with the citizens of a sovereign and independent state that has once again experienced hostility and aggression from Russia.

On our website, we inform about the fundraising and donations for people fleeing the war in Ukraine. We also want to inform you and show the truth to our community about what is happening in your country. We ask you to send us articles and links to videos of the latest events, and we will post them on our website.

The University of Security in Poznan, sympathizing with the tragic experiences of the Ukrainian people, hopes for a quick end to the conflict with the least possible losses and for the restoration of the peaceful functioning of the region.

Ukraine, as well as every peacefully coexisting nation, has the right to effective defense and respect for the value of freedom.  It is also a war in defense of democratic civilization and peace for all of us.

Let’s stay in touch and please get in touch if needed. We want to help as much as we can.

On behalf of the Rector of the University of Security in Poznan,

Dr. Andrzej Zduniak

Rector’s plenipotentiary
Julita Jarecka

Університет Ондокуз Маїс (Туреччина)

Dear Partners,

We, as Ondokuz Mayis University, would like to offer our deepest condolences. We are devastated to hear about the attack and have been sadly following the news in your beautiful country. Our heart goes out to all the people of Ukraine. We all pray that this terrible war ends soon and that you all and your family across Ukraine are safe.

Once again, please accept our deepest condolences and we want you to know that our prayers are with you.

Warmest regards,

Ondokuz Mayıs University


I’m dr. Baninesser Mohammad, an ex graduated student 2005 yr. I write this mail to show my sympathy and solidarity with my beloved Ukrainian people and my beloved city Ternopli where I spent special time of my life and got my medicine degree and I shall be grateful to this country and this remarkable institute and my respected teachers..

Long live Ukraine and may God safe it..

My love and prays

Dr. Baninesser Mohammad


BAU Міжнародний університет (Грузія)

Dear Ukrainians! Dear Friends!

You are the great example of glorious bravery and strength!

We, Georgian people support you! We pray for you!

We share the valid, true information you provided us and we get from web, television and other platforms.

Please, let us know how can we help you more.

Glory to Ukraine! We send you our prayers and wish you peace!

Respectfully yours


Dear  Dr. Natalia

Your situation has had a strong emotional impact on me and the BAU whole. I watch TV every day and  I am frustrated that I am unable to aid you. I admire your people; you demonstrated to the rest of the world what it means to love one’s homeland. You have shocked Putin, whom the entire world fears. I am astounded by your bravery and unity. I wish the people of Georgia be so united.

God bless you and keep you safe.

Prof.  Leila Akhvlediani

Dean of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences

BAU International University, Batumi

     Університет Geomedi (Грузія)

Dear Nataliya,

Everyone from University Geomedi sends the warmest regards and keeps the Ukrainian People in their prayers. We stand by your side and would like to help in any way we can. please let us know how. Slava Ukraina!

Love and support from University Geomedi.

Університет імені Грента МакЮена (Канада)

Dear TNMU colleagues,

We are writing to you to let you know once again, that you, your loved ones, all Ukrainians are in our hearts.  Today is day six of Putin’s war. We know the devastating conditions you are currently in.  We have been working on sharing information, developing resources, reaching out to elected officials, collecting funds, volunteering in the community to make your burden a little easier.  We have been working on offering meaningful practical ways to assist, and more information will come soon.

In the meantime, we wanted to share with you the statement made by MacEwan’s President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Annette Trimbee about Ukraine.

FEBRUARY 25, 2022

The ongoing situation in Ukraine is deeply concerning. Alberta is home to one of the largest populations of Ukrainians in Canada. I offer my empathy to the Ukrainian community, our academic colleagues, students and staff, and everyone affected.

MacEwan’s connection to the Ukrainian community runs deep, here and in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre is a renowned source of research, expertise and intercultural relationship-building. I am grateful to the centre for hosting a virtual session with our community today to share knowledge and trusted sources of information and suggest tangible ways to support Ukraine, individually and institutionally. Information shared at the virtual session can be found here.

Our community spoke compassionately about the need to offer support to students of Ukrainian descent studying at MacEwan today, and students in Ukraine who have had their education disrupted. I am confident that the MacEwan community will step up and do what we do best: teach, research and convene dialogue that results in positive change. As a start, I would like to share that the university will offer awards from the Greatest Needs Fund for students from our partner universities in Ukraine who are able to travel to Canada during this conflict.

I know many of you are experiencing grief and despair. It is important that we support one another. Please reach out to our health and wellness supports through Wellness and Psychological Services for students and the Employee and Family Assistance Program, if needed.

Dr. Annette Trimbee
President and Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Jeff Stepnisky
Associate Professor and Kule Chair of Ukrainian Community and International Development
Department of Sociology

Larisa Hayduk

Director, Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre

MacEwan University


International Research and Innovation in Medicine Program Cedars – Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA & Regional Cooperation in the Fields of Health, Science and Technology Association (RECOOP HST Association)

Dear All,

Based on the Constitution of RECOOP HST Association the Presidency of RECOOP (Laszlo Matyus, Robert Gaspar and SGV) decided on the Budget allocation and approved to convert the planned travel support for the Ukrainian participants to travel to Prague in April 2022 into Medical Aid for our Ukrainian Members.

I already contacted and negotiated with Mrs. Judit Barta, CEO, BIO-KASZTEL Kft., to purchase Emergency Trauma Kits are ideal for field tactical medics, police, military, combat life savers, and first responders.

With the assistance of BIO-KASZTEL Kft we are planning to purchase 500 Emergency Trauma Kits and deliver to our friends in Lviv, Ternopil and Kyiv. Robert already agreed with an international aid organization in Hungary and that they can manage the delivery of aids to Ukraine (of course free of charge).

Bio-Kasztel will look for kits for treatment of massive hemorrhage and circulatory care, with massive bleeding control, military combat tourniquet, pressure dressing, and compressed gauze. Also, treatments for respiratory and airway, with chest seals for sucking chest wounds and 28F naso-tube for airway, the emergency thermal blanket and treatment of bone fracture to keep bones in position, triangle bandage and elastic bandage to wrap around and secure the limb from moving around.

Best regards,

Dr. Sandor G. Vari, MD


International Research and Innovation in Medicine Program Cedars – Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA & Regional Cooperation in the Fields of Health, Science and Technology Association (RECOOP HST Association)


Dear Ukrainian Friends,

Dear Sandor,

Dear Colleagues,

We cannot even imagine your situation in Ukraine. It should have not happened in a civilised world, but unfortunately Putin lives in an uncivilised world and committed a crime that made suffer for millions of people. I hope that our Hungarian government will not further hinder the coordinated European help to Ukraine. We have discussed our personal opportunities for helping with Eva and Robert. Robert already contacted with his cousin who is in a charity organization working on aiding Ukrainians at the border. I am sure Robert will soon manage the delivery of aids from Hungary to Ukraine. At Budapest we are ready to take part in a coordinated Recoop medical aid action and to support the international aid organisations in their missions in Ukraine.

I hope all of you in Ukraine and your beloved ones are safe and wish you strength for the next days to keep on.

We are also grateful for Sandor and the Recoop for reallocation of conference budget to help our members and their fellow Ukrainian friends in their need.

Best regards,

Dr. Tamás Tábi

Semmelweis University Budapest, Hungary