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ТНМУ висловлює подяку закордонним партнерам за підтримку

Щодня ми отримуємо листи підтримки від наших закордонних партнерів. Щиро дякуємо за бажання допомогти у цій нелегкій боротьбі України за свою незалежність і цілісність.


Словацький медичний університет в Братислааві (Словаччина)

 Dear Rector prof. Mykhaylo Korda,

 In the enclosed attachment you will find a letter concerning the expression of solidarity.

Yours sincerely

Prof. MUDr. Peter Šimko, CSc.


Slovak Medical University in Bratislava

Університет Катанії (Катанія, Італія)

Dear Nataliya                                                                                                            

on behalf of myself and my colleagues, I would like to reiterate the dismay at this tragedy that has struck you.

Italy is taking action on various fronts to send aid. Personally, with friends and colleagues, we are joining various initiatives for sending trucks with everything necessary, including medicines.

For any help please don’t hesitate to ask.

Glory to Ukrain!

Prof. Katia Mangano

University of Catania, Italy

Компанія «Syneos Health» (Моррисвілль, CША)

 Hello Mykhaylo,

I just wanted to email and say hello and express my wishes that you are ok, under the current awful circumstances.

Not that it helps but my thoughts, and most of my friends it seems, are with Ukraine.

Best wishes

Sam Benetti

Consultant  |  Value & Access  | EU & Emerging Markets Consulting

Університет медицини та фармації  імені Григора Т. Попи (Ясси, Румунія)

Dear Rector Korda Mykhaylo Mykhaylovych,

Dear Friend,

The academic community of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Grigore T Popa Iasi is solidary with all Ukrainian citizens and medical academic communities in Ukraine facing this unprovoked and brutal Russian attack. In these dramatic times, when all democratic values and freedom are at stake, we stand by you and extend all the help you and your academic communities may need.

The academic spirit heralds above all freedom and democracy as fundamental values and the mission of all Universities should be to uphold them in face of adversity. We, as medical professionals, are joining you in voicing the conviction that human rights and freedom will prevail and pledge all efforts to support your fight. Our University is closely working with the Romanian authorities to provide all the assistance needed by the Ukrainian people.

As fellow educators and physicians, you are certainly facing particular needs during these extraordinary circumstances, which we could only begin to anticipate. We strongly wish to be able to help you in the most efficient way possible. Therefore, please let us know what you need.

In the name of your 10000 fellows in our University, I wish you strength
and inspiration.

Slava Ukraini!

Professor Viorel Scripcariu