Theoretical basis of Synthesis 

Department of General Chemistry

Responsible for implementation: Ph.D., Assoc. Zahrychuk Hryhoriy Yaroslavovych, PhD, Associate Professor, Poliovyi Dmytro Oleksandrovych, PhD, Associate Professor, Dmukhalska Yevheniya Bogdanovna

Theoretical bases of synthesis – one of the list of preferential disciplines in higher pharmaceutical education, which completes the basic chemical preparation of pharmacist. Knowledge of the theoretical foundations of Organic chemistry is necessary for a deeper and more complete study of pharmaceutical, toxicological and medicinal chemistry, pharmacognosy, technology of pharmacy.
Theoretical bases of synthesis studies the chemical properties and transformation of organic compound based on general principles of substance structure using the experimental methods. The course covers the basic concept and principles of mechanism of organic reaction, studies the properties of the most important organic compound and they pharmacological effect. Theoretical bases of synthesis studies the mechanism and ways synthesis some medical drugs by the knowledge of the main principles of organic syntheses.