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BARI Mobility Programme

BARI Mobility Programme is directed to three fields: Life Sciences, Photon/Neutron Science and Welfare State. The fields are not defined more exactly, so they can be interpreted broadly.

The idea of the mobility tool is, that Doctoral candidates offer internship positions in their research projects for Bachelor/Master Students in the Baltic Sea Region. The application periods start soon, and the internships take place in Summer 2020. We are simultaneously testing a funding model where the funding comes from different sources. Organisations can finance incoming or outgoing mobility, and thus secure that the own organization can participate in the mobility programme.

Doctoral candidate

– you will be the supervisor of the intern

– you will get valuable experience in practical leadership and international cooperation

post the open internship position to the 1 February – 23 February 2020

Bachelor or Master student

– you will travel for 2-12 weeks internship period in another Baltic Sea Region country

– you will receive a grant of minimum 600 €/month + 300 € fixed travel grant

– you will get international working experience in your own field

apply for the internship positions 29 February – 31 March 2020

Higher Education Institution or Research Institute

– you can try a new kind of mobility tool with no obligation to commit in long term

– you can send/receive interns also without own funding

– if you wish to, you can also finance some internship positions (if you’d be interested in this, please Franziska Jerosch at franziska.jerosch@bwfg.hamburg.de as soon as possible)

Short timetable of the programme

1.-23.2.2020  Doctoral candidates can post open internship positions to the BARI portal

29.2.-31.3.2020  Bachelor and Master students can apply for the internship positions in the BARI portal

1.6.-16.10.2020 Internship periods take place within this time

More information, application instructions and link to the application portal is available here: https://www.baltic-science.org/bari/

You can also contact bari@daad.de for more information about the mobility programme.