Меню Закрити

Materials Science and Dental Equipment

Department of Orthopedic Dentistry

Responsible for implementation PhD Dzetsiukh T.I.

One of the current trends in the development of modern dentistry is the improvement of materials and methods for the manufacture of orthopedic structures, as well as improving the effectiveness of orthopedic treatment. The development and implementation of new dental and dental materials is an important factor in the development of modern orthopedic dentistry, since it leads to an increase in the quality level of the manufactured structure.

The development of modern dental materials science, namely, the development and production of structural and auxiliary materials, which can meet the growing requirements for aesthetic standards of orthopedic structures, provides an increase in their clinical and functional effectiveness, aesthetics and useful life.

Today, dental materials science is one of the fastest growing areas of dentistry. Every year, a large number of innovative products are introduced to the dental market in Ukraine and the world, which are becoming widely used in daily clinical practice.

Therefore, the main purpose of studying the course of choice “Materials Science and Dental Equipment” is to deepen students’ knowledge regarding modern equipment, materials and technologies used in orthopedic dentistry.