Меню Закрити

Contemporary issues of the organization of dental care for the population

Department of Public Health and Healthcare Management

Responsible for implementation – Assoc. Prof. Lishtaba L.V.

Brief description of the discipline – The study of contemporary issues of the organization of dental care for the population forms students’ holistic idea of the problematic issues of combining state, regional and local public health policy, coordination of health care institutions, including dental, different forms of ownership and different subordination, theoretical foundations of economics as a science and practical skills in using the basic economic laws, principles and methods used in the activities of the industry and health care facilities, including dental.
Fundamentally important issues remain for the further development of the institute of dentist general (family) practice, and first of all, the training of a specialist and his certification. The new economic conditions, under which extra-budgetary dental institutions and paid medical services appear, the increase in the volume of training of dentists in higher educational institutions on a contractual basis, among other things, determine the need to consider and analyze current issues of dentistry.