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Підтримка від закордонних партнерів ТНМУ

Тернопільський національний медичний університет продовжує отримувати листи підтримки від закордонних партнерів.

Люблінський міжнародний медичний конгрес (Польща)

         As an Organizing Committee of Lublin International Medical Congress, we would like to express our strong anger and disagreement to the war in Ukraine. We hope that you and your family are safe.

         As a nation Ukrainians showed great bravery and courage, that inspires us all.

         What we can do as a University located nearby the border is only to take action in voluntary work, helping refugees. So far, we gathered over 400 volunteers. We organized a collection of clothes and food as well as a free psychological help for Ukrainian students of our University. We are encouraging people to donate their blood. Furthermore, we have plans to organize a bus in which people will be able to donate blood on our University campus.

         We are ready to organize help, that is why we kindly ask you if there is anything we can do for you personally in this difficult situation?

         As a Medical University our potential is wide.

         We know, however, that help will be necessary not only in a few coming weeks, but also as a long-term action.

We are all thinking about you!

Kind Regards,

Organizing Committee of Lublin International Medical Congress

Dear Prof. Lisnychuk,

My family and the entire Kosovo is with you. We have emotions seeing the attempt for invasion of your beautiful country and are encouraged with your resistance and bravery. We have compassion for children, women, elderly and displaced people and refugees. It is a Deja Vu for us Kosovars, but I am sure you will win this war. The entire world is praying and is with Ukraine at this important time for your nation and humanity. We are trying to offer as much assistance as possible to your country.

My staff has proposed to consider establishing an e-health clinic for Ukraine and offer online consultations to displaced people in Ukraine and refugees in your neighboring countries. Please let me know if this is feasible for Ternopil National Medical University and if your health professionals can be part of this new approach and service during this challenging time for your nation.

God Bless you and your nation,

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Yours sincerely,

Neshad R. Asllani, MD

Head of the Board of Directors

Klinika Digjitale – Digital Clinic

Global Health Platform 

Hope Medical Institute
Making World Class Physicians Today, For Tomorrow’s World

Dearest Honorable Rector,
Greetings from Hope Medical Institute USA.
We are very concerned and worried on the events taking place in Ukraine. The wounds
through the war have been inflicted on peace and the freedom loving citizens of Ukraine.
The war declared by the aggressor nation Russia is totally uncalled-for, unjustifiable and
inhumane. It’s a cause for worldwide condemnation as the Russian aggression on Ukraine
can’t be justified by any means.
The carnage caused by this battle is totally deplorable and the citizens of USA loudly and
clearly condemns it and are sending the message of worldwide condemnation. Our
government and the citizens of the USA support the great nation of Ukraine and its people
by all possible means and hoping for a quick, peaceful and amicable diplomatic solution and
to preserve the independence of Ukraine.
Our prayers and best wishes to the brave and courageous people of Ukraine for their fight,
for freedom and peace. It is also exemplary to the millions of peace and freedom loving
people of the world. The world will never forget or forgive the cruel attack on the citizens of
Ukraine by the aggressor nation Russia as it is a crime against humanity.
We are raising our voice and we stand tall with the great people of Ukraine. In the coming
days, months and years, the citizens of Ukraine will ultimately be victorious in the end
because the truth is on their side and the blessings of God will remain with them.
We pray and wish you and all the people of the great nation of Ukraine and your great
university for a safe, secure and peaceful diplomatic outcome from such an unjust war. Let
the healing take over the atrocity and destruction installed upon the citizens of the brave
nation of Ukraine.
The staff of the Hope Medical Institute stands with you in such a difficult period which was
forced upon you by the neighboring state. May God Almighty continuously shower his
blessings upon you.

Dr. Mahendra M. Patel