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The BUP Weekly

News from the BUP secretariats
The Baltic University Programme announces the BUP Symposium 2022 The Symposium is a platform where the regional educational and research communities can get together and get to know their colleagues at other participating universities. The Symposium is an arena where you can disseminate recent research and where new discussions and collaborations can begin. We are challenging researchers from different disciplines with an interest in the Baltic Sea Region as an empirical field to discuss Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region. Day 1 will feature oral presentations from researchers from BUP participating universities in the Baltic Sea Region. The presentations will be sorted within the BUP themes. Day 2 will feature sessions that focuses on research matchmaking. Those that attend will get to share new research and project ideas as well as search for new project partners. The Symposium 2022 will be held 8-9 November online via Zoom. Click here to register for participating in the Symposium.A diagram
 with 10 images representing the
 10 BUP themes.Read more
The Baltic University Programme announces the ESD Science Lab 2022 for BUP teachers ESD Science Lab is a series of educational and research coaching events, a platform for joint research focused on ESD methods and change project approach BUP teachers use in their practice, as well as capacity building needed to make the research work of high quality. The project is initiated by Uppsala University, Åbo Akademi University and Riga Technical University. The project is focusing on those who are teaching at a BUP participating university, have participated in a BUP Change Project Course (or have developed and tested ESD approaches) and want to publish work in a respected journal. Registration is open until 30 May 2022.  More practical details and the registration form can be found by following this link: https://doit.medfarm.uu.se/bin/kurt3/kurt/57180Read more
News from participating universities
Novia University of Applied Sciences and University of Greifswald announces seminar and book launch Energy Transition in the Baltic Sea Region: Understanding Stakeholder Engagement and Community Acceptance The book “Energy Transition in the Baltic Sea Region: Understanding Stakeholder Engagement and Community Acceptance” describes the importance of and measures for energy transition to cleaner energy in order to become energy independent and to tackle climate change in the Baltic Sea region. The book is compiled by Farid Karimi from Novia University of Applied Sciences and Michael Rodi from Greifswald University. In connection with the book launch, an English-language seminar on energy transition will be held on 2 June 2022Click here to read more about the event and to register for participating onsite or online.Register here
Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology calls for contributions to Special Issue “Zero Waste Technologies” and Topical Collection “Sustainable Development of Rural Areas and Agriculture” An important goal of the Special Issue “Zero Waste Technologies” is to present the production and organizational activities, technologies, research, ideas and recommendations that are carried out to reduce the mass of generated waste, and thus fit into the mainstream of broadly understood sustainable development. Click here to read more about the Special Issue “Zero Waste Technologies”. Deadline for manuscript submissions is 31 December 2022. The Topical Collection “Sustainable Development of Rural Areas and Agriculture” is aimed towards becoming a collection of scientific papers and valuable recommendations that will help to design and propose a model for the sustainable development of rural areas and agriculture that will guarantee economic development in equilibrium and harmony with social expectations and the requirements of the natural environment. Click here to read more about the Topical Collection “Sustainable Development of Rural Areas and Agriculture”.