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Фахове стажування для викладачів ТНМУ

These Research Fellowships of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO) are offered to Ukrainian scientists. They are aimed at strengthening the bilateral Science & Technology collaborations by creating long-lasting partnerships and networks between Belgium and Ukraine, in the framework of the European Research Area.

Several points should be reminded:

  • This Ukrainian Postdoc Fellowship programme is only intended for Ukrainian researchers.
    Proof of Ukrainian citizenship must be given in the application form.
  • The Postdoc Fellowship will take place in one of the 12 Federal Scientific Institution listed on the Portal for Ukrainian Postdoc Fellowships, and hereafter in the Application Form.
  • The Postdoc Fellowship has a duration of 12 months.
  • The candidate will be notified of the selection outcome by e-mail.
  • Applications can be introduced continuously as long as the number of 24 Postdoc Fellowships is not reached. Check the portal for Ukrainian Postdoc Fellowships for the number of fellowships that are still available. Once filled in AND signed, the application form should be sent to ukrainian.postdocs@belspo.be
  • For questions and additional information, or complaints, send an email to ukrainian.postdocs@belspo.be
  • To be considered, all applications must include the following documents: this (signed) application form, passport or Id Card, Ph.D. diploma, full CV (and relevant ethical approval if needed).
  • Ideally, all these documents will be sent at the same time and will bear the name of the candidate.
    Principal Duties and Responsibilities
    As a research scientist, you will carry out projects under the supervision of the principal investigator.
     Contribute to the improvement of the quality of the diagnosis of some specific rare diseases (e.g. validation of international analytical reference ranges);
     Contribute to develop international collaborations and networks in the context of the external quality assessment of medical analyses of clinical pathology and the diagnosis of rare diseases;
     Contribute to the writing of clinical trial protocols and investigator’s Brochure.
    Scientific community
     Makes contributions to scientific papers, reports, and presentations;
     Participates in external activities (e.g. scientific conferences).
    Desired Qualifications and Experience
     Master degree and Ph.D. degree in a medical and/or relevant field (medicine, dentistry,
    pharmacy, public health, biomedical sciences, human statistics);
     Fluent in English;
     Experience working in a medical laboratory (clinical pathology, anatomical pathology or human
     Expertise or good understanding of the development/validation of medical diagnostic analyses;
     Expertise or strong understanding of health economics;
     Expertise or strong understanding of clinical studies (observational and/or interventional) or
    experience working in the pharmaceutical industry.
    Key attributes
     Ability to work independently and can self-manage multiple duties to meet deadlines;
     Ability to build and maintain excellent long-distance scientific collaborations ;
     Ability to interact with an interdisciplinary group, including international collaborators/
    companies, global health researchers, research scientists, medical doctors, and statisticians,
    secretary ;
     Proactive, empathic and flexible nature with reliable follow-through and attention to detail.
    If interested, please :
     Please submit a cover letter and resume to Dr. Nathalie Vandevelde – nathalie.vandevelde@sciensano.be