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Invitation to apply to the BUP Science and Sail 2023

The Baltic University Programme (BUP) and Klaipėda University, proudly present BUP Science and Sail 2023, a summer school with the focus on the Baltic Sea Environment. 

The event will take place between 3-9 July in Klaipėda, Lithuania and the waters of the Baltic Sea. Accepted students will be studying the sensitive Baltic Sea Environment, both on land and at sea with leading experts from across the region.

Parts of the event will take place onboard Klaipėda University’s sailing vessel Brabander, sailing the southeastern part of the Baltic Sea, while conducting tests and collecting samples. Participants will also study the unique coastal environment of the Curonian Spit and surrounding areas, learning about the impacts of and solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss.

This event is free of charge and applications are open for students studying at either bachelor or master level at BUP participating universities. Last day to apply is 14 May.

We can only admit 36 students so take your chance and apply today! BUP Science and Sail 2023 – The Baltic University Programme – Uppsala University, Sweden (uu.se)