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60 Years of Achievements

60 Years of Achievements of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University

  1. TNMU was the first among medical universities in the branch rating of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in 2014 and 2016.
  2. TNMU was the first in the overall rating of the universities of Ukraine according to the International Educational Portal “4 International Colleges & Universities” in 2016.
  3. According to the CEDOS think-tank, TNMU was one of the top universities in the Transparency Rating among the universities of Ukraine in 2016.
  4. Initiator and co-founder of the International Scientific and Educational Innovation and Technology Consortium of Medical Universities and Higher Educational Institutions of Physical Education and Sports in 2012.
  5. One of the 10 educational institutions of Ukraine and the only medical university in Ukraine participating in the project of academic integrity promotion in Ukraine – Strengthening Academic Integrity in Ukraine Project (SAIUP) since 2016.
  6. The percentage of university teachers awarded with a scientific degree – 9 .87%, is the highest among medical universities of Ukraine.
  7. The graduates run the Ministry of Health of Ukraine:
    V.I. Maltsev – Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine (1991-1994), Minister of Health of Ukraine (July 1994 – August 1994);
    V.V. Shafranskyi – Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine (October 2015 – April 2016), acting Minister of Health of Ukraine (April 2016 – July 2016);
    S.V. Shevchuk – State Secretary of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (July 2001 – April 2002);
    V.L. Veselskyi – Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine (September 1998 – January 2000), First Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine (November 2005 – May 2006).
  8. University alumnus V.I. Tsymbaliuk has been holding the position of the President of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine since 2016.
  9. Three teachers are Corresponding Members of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine: I.S. Smiyan (1994). L.Ya. Kovalchuk (2003), M.A. Andreichyn (2007).
  10. Two lecturers of the University were awarded the title of Honored Worker of the Higher School of the Ukrainian SSR: M.P. Skakun (1982), I.S. Smiyan (1986).
  11. Three teachers have been awarded with the badge of Excellent Worker of Education of Ukraine: I.R. Mysula (2001), L.V. Kravchuk (2001), O.R. Lutziv (2008).
  12. One teacher was awarded with the title of Honoured Worker of Education of Ukraine: M.S. Hnatiuk (2016).
  13. Thirteen employees of the University were awarded with the title of Honoured Master of Sciences and Technologies of Ukraine: M.A. Andreichyn (1995), L.A. Kovalchuk (1996), Ya.I. Fedoniuk (1996), M.I. Shved (1907), S.N. Vadziuk (1999), O.O. Markova (2000), S.V. Khmil (2004), S.I. Smiyan (2004), S.I. Shkrobot (2006), V.V. Bihuniak (2008), I.Ya. Dziubanovskyi (2012), M.M. Korda (2017), I.M. Klishch (2017).
  14. One University employee was awarded with the title of Honoured Worker of Healthcare of Ukraine: V.V. Faifura (2011).
  15. Three teachers were awarded with the title of Honoured Doctor of Ukraine: K.S. Semeniuk (1995), V.D. Pryshliak (1998), V.O. Shidlovskyi (2006).
  16. Four employees of the University were awarded with the title of Honoured Inventor of Ukraine: O.Ch. Yedynak (1986), O.S. Lutsuk (2006), V.V. Demianenko (2011), I.Yo. Halaichuk (2019)
  17. One employee was awarded with the title of Honoured Economist of Ukraine: V.S. Kolomyichuk (2000).
  18. Three teachers are the laureates of the State Science and Technology Award of Ukraine: S.A. Smorshok (1982), V.V. Bihuniak (2002), V.O. Shidlovskyi (2011).
  19. One teacher is a laureate of the Presidential Prize for Young Scientists: H.I. Falfushynska (2012).
  20.  Two employees are the laureates of the Prize for Young Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine: H.I. Falfushynska (2014), L.L. Hnatyshyna (2014).
  21. Three teachers are fellows of the Fulbright Program: I.Yo. Halaichuk (1999-2000), M.V. Doroshenko (2013-2014), H.I. Falfushynska (2015-2016).
  22.  Nine employees are the winners of the Person of the Year contest (Ternopil region): L.Ya. Kovalchuk (2001), I.Ya. Dziubanovskyi (2007), O.L. Kovalchuk (2007), M.A. Andreichyn (2009), V. M. Flehner (2011), V.D. Pryshliak (2012), O.I. Berezovskyi (2013), M.M. Shot (2013), A.I. Tsviakh (2016).
  23. One University employee was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Ternopil: V.V. Bihuniak (2003).
  24. Five more faculties have been established since the university foundation, along with the Faculty of Medicine: Faculty of Postgraduate Education (1979), Faculty of Nursing (1995), Faculty of Pharmacy (2000), Faculty of Dentistry (2004), International Student’s Faculty (2006).
  25. Six Academic and Research Institutes have been established since the university foundation: Institute of Biomedical Problems (2005), Institute of Pathological Processes Simulation and Analysis (2005), Institute of Morphology (2005), M.P. Skakun Institute of Pharmacology, Hygiene and Medical Biochemistry (2005), Institute of Nursing (2005), Institute of Postgraduate Education (2013).
  26. 46 specialties have been certified and accredited for training of specialists of undergraduate level (13), and postgraduate level (33).
  27. TNMU is the only university in Ukraine that has introduced correspondence way of studying for national and international bachelor’s and master’s degree nursing students (2008).
  28. New learning technologies have been implemented: independent testing of students’ knowledge (since 2006), remote control of students’ knowledge by the Moodle platform (since 2006), practical skills matricula (since 2006), OSCE (with 2008).
  29. The University has initiated the program of earning two Bachelor and Master diplomas (Ukrainian and European) by the students of the Academic and Research Institutes of Nursing, in 2017.
  30. Since the establishment of the university, the number of students has increased tenfold, as well as international ones in 8 times.
  31. The University Emergency and Disaster Medicine Centre (2003) for emergency medical care, disaster and military training is the only in Ukraine which provides training for reserve medical officers.
  32. Centre for Medical Simulation has been operating since 2016.
  33. A web-portal of learning resources containing more than 3 terabytes of information has been launched at the University (2007), which is one of the best among all universities in Ukraine.
  34. Approximately 1.5 thousand video lectures have been developed for correspondence way of studying since 2012.
  35. 243 textbooks, 368 manuals, 16 dictionaries, 32 atlases have been designed by the university staff since its foundation.
  36. 253 monographs have been published since the university establishment.
  37. Three educational and three historical museums have been established: I. Yaremenko Educational Biological Museum at the Department of Medical Biology (1957), Museum of the Department of Human Anatomy (1957), Museum of the Department of Pathologic Anatomy, Autopsy Course and Forensic Pathology (1957), Museum of the History of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University (1982).
    The Historic House Museum of the Academician I. Horbachevsky (2004), Museum of Professor Kovalchuk Leonid Yakymovych, Corresponding Member of NAMS of Ukraine, Honoured Master of Sciences and Technologies of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences (2015).
  38. The Botanical Garden of Medicinal Plants was established in 1992.
  39. About 50 National Student Olympiads have been held since the University foundation.
  40. 17 National educational and methodical conferences were held at the university facilities.
  41. About 1000 international and national scientific forums were held at the University.
  42. The Ukrmedknyha Publishing House was established in the University in 1997. Since then, about 650 items of books have already been published, with a total pressrun of more than 350,000 copies.
  43. 12 scientific journals have been published on the Open Journal System (OJS) platform and listed in the Occupational Editions of Ukraine.
  44. The teachers have defended about 1,000 PhD thesis, as well as about 200 doctoral theses since the university establishment.
  45. Three Specialized Academic Boards were initiated, which cover 8 specialties for the Doctor of Science theses defense, and 10 specialties for the PhD.
  46. Five certified research laboratories were established at the University.
  47. Chervona Kalyna, the Academic and Recreation Center, has been functioning at the University since 2003.
  48. Ternopil University Hospital, the Municipal Institution of Ternopil Regional Council, was established on the basis of the regional hospital in 2000.
  49. The Department of Dentistry of the University Clinic was established in 2015.
  50. Five primary health care training centers have been established: in the village of Zarubyntsi of Zbarazh district (2010), the village of Hnylytsi of Pidvolochysk district (2010), the Velykyi Hovyliv of Terebovlia district (2011), the village of Uvysla of Husiatyn district (2011), the village of Kokoshyntsi of Husiatyn district (2011).
  51. The university diploma was awarded to 23 005 national students: 16 886 doctors, 927 dentists, 2835 pharmacists, 2357 nurses.
  52. The University diploma was awarded to 2111 international students from more than 60 countries: 916 doctors, 172 dentists, 149 pharmacists, 874 nurses.
  53. More than 42 thousand doctors and about 10 thousand interns have improved their medical skills and qualification at the Institute of Postgraduate Education.
  54. The University successfully cooperates with 54 international partners from 21 countries.
  55. The University has joined 9 international programs: Matra (since 2007), BURAS (since 2011), Erasmus Mundus Medea (since 2013), Erasmus+ (since 2014), POLBUCAN (since 2014), Polonez (since 2015), Mevlana (since 2015), Horizon-2020 (since 2015), Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland-Betarus-Ukraine 2014-2020 (since 2016).
  56. TNMU has been a member of the European Association of Universities since 2015.
  57. TNMU joined the Grand Charter of Universities in 2016.
  58. TNMU has been a member of the Baltic University Programme (BUP) since 2016.
  59. In 2006, for the first time in Ukraine, the annual International Student Summer School was launched.
  60. The University has initiated the cooperation with the following international organizations: the WHO (World Health Organization), UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization), ECFMG (Educational Comission for Foreign Medical Graduates), FAIMER (The Foundation for the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (Distance Learning), AIESEC (Association for the International Exchange of Students in Economics and Commerce), DAAD (Deutscher Akademlscher Austauschdlenst), European Resuscitation Council.