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Ukrmedknyha Publishing House

The Ukrmedknyha Publishing House was created at Ternopil State Medical University by the Order of the Minister of Public Health of Ukraine No 996 from October 8, 1997 to provide courseware and non-fiction for I–IV accreditation levels medical universities of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine.

The publishing house works in accordance with the regulations, statute of Ternopil State Medical University, regulations of CMC, statutory and legal documents on publishing and current legislation of Ukraine.

The full name of the Publishing House is Ukraiinska Medychna Knyha (Ukrainian Book on Medicine)

The address of the Publishing House printing facilities is: 1 Maidan Voli, Ternopil, Ukraine, 46001

Core aspects of the Publishing House work

The Ukrmedknyha Publishing House was created to provide students and teachers of medical universities with the courseware (textbooks, atlases, manuals, monographs, resource materials, etc.) in the Ukrainian, Russian and English languages.

Core aspects of the Publishing House work:

  • Publishing and sales of its printed products (books, journals, newspapers, brochures, etc.);
  • Editorial and printing services to other publishers, organizations, enterprises, individuals.

Structure and functions of the Publishing House

The publishing house consists of the following departments:

  • Editorial office;
  • Department of desktop publishing;
  • Department of advertising and sales;
  • Department of printing and subdivisions of offset printing, binding, plate processing, paper processing.

The editorial office performs content and copy editing of the manuscript.


The department of desktop publishing provides manuscript typesetting and makeup services, text diapositives output and artistic finish of publications.


The department of advertising and sales sells printed books to universities, bookselling organizations and private distributors, participates in exhibitions and book fairs, forums.


Department of printing performs layout, printing, replication and publishing of academic and scientific publications and other printed products.


More than 200 titles of printed products (books, manuals, monographs, journals) of 1,530 published sheets in total are published at the publishing house every year.


13 quarterly national research journals in medicine are published in the publishing house: “Hospital Surgery”, “Infectious diseases”, “Journal of Scientific Research”, “Medical and Clinical Chemistry”, “Medical Education”, “Journal of Social Hygiene and Health Care Management”, “Achievements of Clinical and Experimental Medicine”, “Medical informatics and engineering”, “Journal of Pharmaceutics”, “Nursing”, ”Topical issues of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Paediatrics”, “Clinical stomatology”, “Student’s Journal of Research”.

2 newspapers “Medical Academy” and “University Hospital”are also published there twice a month.


Cooperation agreement between authors and publishers is concluded.

According to this agreement:

  • Author assigns the chattel incorporeal to publish his manuscripts to the publisher;
  • Publishing house performs manuscript editing, desktop publishing, printing and advertising, distributes and sells finished products;
  • The author receives a certain quantity of author’s copies and fee, the amount of which is defined in the cooperation agreement according to the Regulations on fee.

Applications for Purchase should be sent at the following address:

Ukrmedknyha Publishing House, 1 Maidan Voli, Ternopil, Ukraine, 46001,

Telephone number: (0352) 52 80 09


The website of the publishing house is

Address: Ternopil State Medical University, 1 Maidan Voli, Ternopil, Ukraine, 46001

Telephone number: (0352) 43 49 56

Fax: (0352) 52 80 09