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Code of Student`s Ethics

CODE OF STUDENT’S ETHICS at I. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University

The Code of Ethics (hereinafter the Code) implicates moral and ethical rules followed by a student in personal and public behaviour throughout the study at I. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University.

The Code was formed according to human values in order to solve one of the main tasks of the university studying, that is comprehensive harmonious spiritual, moral, nationally minded development of the student’s personality, as well as to raise personal responsibility for their behaviour and deeds; it is aimed at promoting justice, goodness, humanism, freedom.

The Code was developed according to the Constitution of Ukraine, the Laws of Ukraine “On Education”, “On Higher Education”, “On Protection of Public Morality”, “On Prevention of Corruption” and the Charter of the University.

The aim of the Code is to develop a system of democratic relationships in the University of a high ethical dignity among students, teachers, staff and administration, as well as the development of corporate culture among the university community.

  1. General Terms and Conditions
  • The ethics of teaching and learning process participants:

Respect is fair and dignified behaviour towards other students, teachers and staff of the university and other national and international educational institutions.

Honesty is the manifestation of truth in everything, the unacceptability of any manifestation of falsehood.

Responsibility is delivering on the promises and commitments to learn and behave.

Development and advance is a desire for self-improvement, professional, personal, creative, spiritual growth.

  • Adopting the Code, a student of the University assumes the responsibility for non-compliance with the specified norms.
  1. Student (of the University) undertakes to:
  • respect the rights and freedoms of an individual and a citizen of Ukraine
  • adhere to the University Code of Conduct, Dormitory Rules and other normative documents approved by the University;
  • enhance the prestige and authority of the University by personal achievements in studying, science, sports, amateur activities, etc.;
  • protect the interests of the University, to be its true supporter;
  • show respect for the Anthem, Flag and Emblem of Ukraine and the symbols of the University: the emblem, anthem and other attributes, not to use them to one’s personal mercenary advantage;
  • use energy of the University effectively, to counteract vandalism in the premises and on the territory of the University;
  • perform the student’s duties in good faith;
  • not to impede the fulfilment of responsibilities by other students, teachers and staff of the University;
  • toe the lines of political correctness;
  • adhere to ethics and rules of conduct when communicating with other students, teachers and staff of the University and other educational institutions;
  • always be clean and neatly dressed;
  • take into account and respect the cultural and other features of different ethnic, social and religious groups;
  • show tolerance and respect for customs and traditions of the students, teachers and staff of the University of other nationalities;
  • at formal occasion in the University refrain from expressions of emotions loudly, to respect the speakers on stage;
  • not to take actions that interfere with events arranged or authorized by the university administration;
  • comply with the requirements of anti-corruption legislation;
  • adhere the rules of staying at the dormitory and keep up neighbourliness, avoiding any misunderstanding with other residents of the dormitory and its staff.
  1. It is unacceptable a student to:
  • behave so that to inflict harm to the University or injure its reputation;
  • use, manufacture or distribute any narcotic drugs, alcoholic drinks or tobacco;
  • use foul language;
  • smoke in undesignated areas (in study buildings, dormitories and on the territory adjacent to the University);
  • failure to live up to the general ethics, as well as misbehave in public;
  • defame other students and teachers;
  • behave brutality and arrogantly;
  • show any aggression in public;
  • engage in any activities of deception, fraud;
  • directly or indirectly, personally or through third parties, to engage in corruption or deceit offenses, to offer, to give, to promise, to request or to gain improper advantage, in particular to request assistance from the third parties in any final tests, to use family or business relationships to get a satisfactory or higher grade, etc.;
  • cheat when passing tests;
  • produce written assignments performed by someone else;
  • forge signatures in official documents (record books, decrees, reports, agreements, etc.);
  • be late or miss classes without good reason;
  • cause damage to University facilities, supplies and equipment;
  • spread rumours about the University, training process, teachers or students;
  • use the University symbols in various activities unrelated to the University activities without a permit of the administration;
  • give a student ID, a library card or any other University documents and materials to third parties, tell other persons the University Internet login passwords;
  • misbehave, take any actions contrary to law.
  1. Prevention and Combating Corruption at the University

Students must follow the Anti-Corruption Programs of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University. The anti-corruption program is developed for corruption prevention and control in academic, commercial and other affairs of the University.

The Anti-corruption Program involves:

  • internal audit of academic, research, financial, administrative, commercial affairs of the university for revealing of corruption risks;
  • inspection of the structural units of the University regarding the compliance with anti-corruption legislation;
  • monitoring of suppliers, service providers, academic participants, partners, counterparties, contractors, etc.;
  • carrying out preventive and awareness-raising activities;
  • implementation of corruption register;
  • duly public disclosure of the information regarding anti-corruption legislation violations and implementation of anti-corruption measures;
  • termination of the discovered corruption offense and cooperation with the anti-corruption government agencies, etc.

The anti-corruption measures implemented at the University to ensure compliance with the anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine and the procedure for their implementation are defined by the “Measures to warrant compliance with the Law of Ukraine On Corruption Prevention at the University”.

  1. Final provisions

The code is approved at the University Students’ Conference. It should be signed by the plenipotentiaries of the Student Parliament and all students.

The first-year university students should sign the consent form for compliance with the Code.

Student’s non-compliance with the Code provides for violation investigation at a meeting of the Student Parliament of the University and possible resolution of disciplinary sanctions.

Studied and approved at the Students’ Conference of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University

Minutes No. 1, dated March 13, 2017