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Research Projects


1. Pilot study on neonatal screening of primary immunodeficiencies by TRECs and KRECs for T- and B-lymphopenia. 2020-2022

Academic supervisor: prof. Boiarchuk O.R.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Yarema N.M.

State registration No. 0120U104282.

2. Mono- and mixed tick-borne infections, improvement of medical and diagnostic technologies and biosafety measures 2020-2022.

Academic supervisor: Academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Andreychyn M.A.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Shkilna M.I.

State registration No. 0120U104348

3. Introduction of the elements of neuro-developmental care for premature infants and their follow-up. 2020-2022

Academic supervisor: Prof. Pavlyshyn H.A.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Sarapuk I.M.

State registration No. 0120U104281.

4. Early diagnosis of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders in school-age children. 2020-2022

Academic supervisor: Prof. Marushchak M.I.

Responsible executor: Prof. Pavlyshyn H.A.

State registration No. 0120U104283.

5. Development of original combinations of antihypertensive drugs, their analysis and standardization. 2020-2022

Academic supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Lohoida L.S.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Pole OB

State registration No. 0120U104201.

6. Study of the regenerative potential of cellular therapy in acute respiratory distress syndrome. 2021-2023

Academic supervisor: Prof. Krynytska I.Ya.

Responsible executor Assoc. Prof. Dovhaliuk A.I.

State registration No. 0121U100159.

7. Vitamin and mineral status in healthy children and children with socially significant diseases. 2021-2022

Academic supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Kinash M.I.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Dobrovolska L.I.

State registration No. 0121U100069.

8. Endothelial dysfunction, hypercoagulation and microvascular thrombosis in COVID-19: risk assessment, pathogenesis and diagnosis. 2021-2023

Academic supervisor: Prof. Korda M.M.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Shevchuk O.O.

State registration No. 0121U100305.

9. Study of the effectiveness of the laminar pneumatic defence of the mobile concept model of pneumatic helmet against viral (coronavirus, COVID-19), bacterial, toxic agents. 2021-2023

Academic supervisor: Prof. Klishch І.М.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Kovalchuk A.O.

State registration No. 0121U108689.




  1. Research on the development of targeted drugs, their standardization, marketing and pharmacoeconomic analysis, pharmacological and clinical activity

Supervisor: Prof. Hroshovyi T.A.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Belei N.M.

State registration No. 0120U002194

  1. Purposeful search for biologically active substances in a number of 7.8-substituted theophylline; development and validation of methods for quality control of antihypertensive drugs with statins

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Korobko D.B.

Responsible executor: Prof. Lohoida L.S.

State registration No. 0121U100062

  1. Pharmacognostic and pharmacological study of perspective plant raw materials and their phytosubstances

Supervisor: Prof. Marchyshyn S.M.

Responsible executor: Assist. Prof.  Savych A.O.

State registration No. 0121U100664



  1. Development and implementation of new methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and periodontal diseases in people of different ages

Supervisor: Prof. Avdieiev О.В.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Bandrivskyi Yu.L.

State registration No. 0120U104149

  1. Improvement of the effectiveness of dental care for patients with primary and secondary lesions of the oral cavity tissues studying their clinical features

Supervisor: Prof. Hasiuk N.V.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Zalizniak M.S.

State  registration No. 0120U104151

  1. Pathogenetic features of complex treatment of periodontal diseases with underlying concomitant somatic pathologies

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Duda K.M.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Lebid O.I.

State registration No.: 0119U002430

  1. Multidisciplinary approach to the study of pathogenesis and treatment of major dental diseases by studying the mechanisms of oral cavity tissues damage with underlying concomitant somatic disorders

Supervisor: Prof. Hasiuk A.P.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Vorobets A.B.

State registration No. 0119U002431



  1. The impact of definite infectious and non-communicable diseases on the health and quality of life of children at present

Supervisor: Prof. Banadyha N.V.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Rohalskyi І.О.

State registration No. 0120U105569

  1. Improvement of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation methods for socially significant children diseases

Supervisor: Prof. Boyarchuk О.R.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Yaremchuk. N.M.

State registration No. 0119U000508


  1. Psychophysiological mechanisms of adaptation of young people in the context of global warming

Supervisor: Prof. Vadziuk S.N.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Pankiv I.B.

State registration No. 0121U100154

  1. Morpho-functional influence of different modes of movement and hypodynamics on the body of students in the age aspect

Supervisor: Prof. Popovych D.V.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Davybida N.O.

State registration No. 0120U104147



  1. Clinical and paraclinical features and pathogenetic comparisons in patients with nervous diseases; optimization of diagnostic and treatment methods

Supervisor: Prof. Shkrobot S.I.

Responsible executor: Prof. Sohor N.R.

State registration No. 0118U000364

  1. Influence of present macrosocial factors on the development, clinical, psychopathological and therapeutic aspects of post-traumatic and neurotic mental disorders

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Venher O.P.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Smashna O.Ye.

State registration No. 0121U100134



  1. Reproductive malnutrition in women with comorbid pathology and their correction

Supervisor: Prof. Malanchuk L.M.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Lymar L.Ye.

State registration No. 0121U108167

  1. Improvement of diagnosis and treatment of pregnant women and women with a burdensome somatic history

Supervisor: Prof. Boichuk A.V.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Sopel V.V.

State registration No. 0121U100153



  1. Public healthcare problems during the reorganization of the health care system in Ukraine

Supervisor: Prof. Holiachenko O.M.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Smirnova V.L.

State registration No. 0120U104150



  1. Current issues of diagnosis and treatment of patients with head and neck illnesses

Supervisor: Prof. Yashan O.I.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. \dudak P.S.

State registration No. 0121U109322

  1. Morphological regularities of adaptation processes in the body after surgical interventions on the thoracic and abdominal organs and surgical methods of postoperative complications correction

Supervisor: Prof. Hnatiuk M.S.

Responsible executor: Prof. Slabyi O.B.

State registration No. 0117U003149

  1. Inferior vena cava thrombosis: prevention, diagnosis, treatment

Supervisor: Prof. Venher I.K.

Responsible executor: Prof. Kostiv S.Ya.

State registration No. 0119U002806

  1. Development of new open (mini-access) and laparoscopic surgical interventions for treatment of abdominal diseases by the principles of the “fast track surgery” multimodal program

Supervisor: Prof. Dziubanovskyi I.Ya.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Polyatsko K.H.

State registration No. 0119U002805



  1. Peculiar features of reorganization of vascular channels of internal organs in modeling of hemodynamic disorders of different genesis and sudden elimination of pathogenetic factors in the experiment

Supervisor: Prof. Herasymiuk. I.Ye.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Stravskyi T.Ya.

State registration No. 0121U100070

  1. Monitoring of antibiotic-resistant strains in somatic and infectious diseases in people of different ages

Supervisor: Prof. Klymniuk S.I.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Romaniuk L.B.

State registration No. 0119U000168

  1. Pharmacological study of cardio- and gastroprotective effects of biotechnological, herbal and synthetic drugs

Supervisor: Prof. Oleschuk O.M.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Shevchuk O.O.

State registration No. 0119U000617

  1. Cyber-physical modeling in the study of medical and biological processes

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Sverstiuk A.S.

Responsible executor: Assoc.Prof. Bahrii-Zaiets O.A.

State registration No. 0119U000509

  1. Pathogenetic features of systemic and organ disorders due to the affection of extraordinary factors on the body

Supervisor: Prof. Hudyma. A.A.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Usynskyy R.S.

State registration No. 0121U100071

  1. Biology, epidemiological significance and measures to limit the number of Ixodes ticks in urban coenoses and agrocenoses of the Western Ukraine

Supervisor: Prof. Fedoniuk L.Ya.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Podobivskyi S.S.

State registration No. 0120U104153

  1. Experimental study of metabolic disorders in the body under the action of exogenous toxicants and in various pathological conditions

Supervisor: Prof. Fira L.S.

Responsible executor: Prof. Lyhatskyi P.H.

State registration No. 0120U104148

  1. Endothelial dysfunction, hypercoagulation and microvascular thrombosis in COVID-19: risk assessment, pathogenesis and diagnosis

Supervisor: Prof. Korda M.M.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Shevchuk O.O.

State registration No. 0120U104154

  1. Structural reorganization of the nervous, digestive, endocrine systems, hematopoietic organs and immune defence in cases of thermal injury and corrective factors

Supervisor: Prof. Nebesna Z.M.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Kramar S.B.

State registration No. 0120U104146



  1. Improvement of methods of liver fibrosis diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases of various etiology

Supervisor: Prof. Hospodarskyi I.Ya.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Zarudna O.I.

State registration No. 0121U100066

  1. Comprehensive approach to symptom control, direct and long-term prognosis for comorbid pathology in the internal medicine clinic and family doctor’s practice

Supervisor: Prof. Smiyan S.I.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Kvasnitska O.S.

State registration No. 0118U000361



  1. The system of values ​​in the context of professional and communicative culture of future doctors

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Fedchyshyn N.O.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Vorona І.І.

State registration No. 0119U001460

  1. Linguodidactic features of teaching the Ukrainian language in a medical institution of higher education

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Tyshkovets M.P.

Responsible executor: senior lecturer Stefanyshyn K.L.

State registration No. 0119U000167

  1. Professional training of future medical specialists based on interdisciplinary integration

Supervisor: Prof. Melnychuk I.M.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Kalyniuk N.M.

State registration No. 0119U001459

  1. Competence- and anthropocentrically-oriented internal system of quality assurance of higher education in an institution of higher education as a model of providing training of highly skilled graduates at present circumstances

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. H.Ya. Zahrychuk.

Responsible executor: Assoc. Prof. Bekus I.R.

State registration No. 0119U000618