Mission and Vision

University Mission

TMMU is committed to training highly qualified specialists for the health care systems of Ukraine and other countries by offering quality academic services in line with European standards; applying excellence in teaching to train students, interns and doctors; promoting individual development of medical professionals, who will grow to exemplify compassion and care throughout their careers and serve their patients in the best traditions of the medical calling.

TNMU is dedicated to development of fundamental and applied research in biomedical sciences, pharmacology and public health, conducting innovative studies and implementing of science-based knowledge into medical practice; offering high-tech research-backed health care and developing new diagnostic and treatment approaches as required by the Ukrainian health care system; ensuring the highest ethical and professional standards in all activities.

TNMU is committed to ensuring a quality working environment for its faculty and staff, creating opportunities for their professional advancement, academic leadership and personal expression; fostering in the students personal growth, professional development, cultural and spiritual pursuits, and opportunities to shape their academic path to shape highly educated, independent and dedicated professionals.


Ivan Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University is an innovative institution of higher medical education, that is faithful to its historical traditions and at the same time recognizes the latest opportunities of the shared European academic space. TNMU supports leadership in medical education and science, creates conditions for innovative self-realization, academic mobility and international recognition of its students and faculty, is actively developing and seeks to become a prominent and powerful facility for training and research of highly educated professionals, who will become competitive in the domestic and international labor market, and confident in the demand for their professional knowledge in today’s society.