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19A Hlyboka Street, Ternopil, 46001

Telephone: +38 0352 245002


Experiments on laboratory animals are the main cognition methods of contemporary medicine, veterinary and biology. The success of biological research depends significantly on the quality of laboratory animals; the requirements to them have been constantly increasing regarding the science progress. Therefore, the vivarium is aimed at arrangement of breeding and keeping of laboratory animals. A successful performance of this task facilitates more efficient use of laboratory animals in scientific researches.

Laboratory animals: mice, rats, dairy animals and Vietnamese pigs are bred at the University Animal Facility; they are provided for scientific researches at the departments and the Central Research Laboratory.

Since 2005, Vietnamese laboratory pigs have been successfully used for the teaching and research work of the Department of Operative Surgery and Clinical Anatomy, the L.Ya. Kovalchuk Department of Surgery, Urology, Minimally Invasive Surgery and Neurosurgery №1, and the Department of Surgery of the Academic and Research Institute of Postgraduate Education, as well as for Students’ Scientific Project Groups.


In the vivarium there are also facilities for keeping laboratory animals in the chronic experiment in a separate room, and the staff of the vivarium, if necessary, assists university scientists in carrying out some experimental studies.